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Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic foster care (TFC) is out-of-home care by foster parents with specialized training to care for a wide variety of children and adolescents, usually those with significant emotional, behavioral, or social issues or medical needs.  Therapeutic foster care is designed to provide safe and nurturing care to a child or youth in a more structured home environment than traditional foster care, and it can be a cost-effective alternative to residential treatment.


Daily Rate of Reimbursement


Intensive Treatment Family Care

Intensive treatment foster care (ITFC) provides treatment for a school-aged child who has experienced trauma and may have behavioral, medical, developmental, and/or intellectual challenges. An ITFC child will require more specialized therapeutic services to enhance his/her well-being. An ITFC family receives a number of additional supports such as a professional treatment team, counseling services, 24/7 crisis response, and trauma-informed training.


Daily Rate of Reimbursement



Traditional Foster Care

Traditional foster care provides 24-hour-a-day temporary care and support services in a home

environment. As a traditional foster parent, you have the opportunity to help create a safe home for children, provide support and guidance for parents, and be the change that you want to see in the world. Traditional foster care homes receive supports including respite, medical, daycare, training, and other resources.


Daily Rates of Reimbursement

Age 0-5: $17.71/day

Age 6-12: $20.42/day

Age 13+: $22.62/day

Eligible Parents Are…

  •  Single or married
  •  At least 21 years of age
  •  Financially able to provide for their own family’s needs
  •  Free from a history of alleged or confirmed child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse
  •  Have a working vehicle and telephone

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With over 8,000 Oklahoman children in the foster care system, there is a way that every person can help!

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