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Who We Are

Open Arms Foster Care and Mental Health is an outpatient, integrated health care company that serves children and families throughout Oklahoma.

Open Arms is certified to provide mental health, Foster Care, and care coordination services. We are accredited by CARF.

Our programs of service include Mental Health Outpatient and Foster Care.  We are proud to serve Western, Central, and North-Eastern Oklahoma.

Jamie James- CEO & President of Open Arms

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Our Mission

Open Arms believes that foster care is an active intervention intended on providing a safe, secure, and therapeutic environment that promotes healthy development of children and their caregivers.


Plant. Water. Grow.

With over 8,000 Oklahoman children in the foster care system, there is a way that every person can help!

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Monthly Support Training & 36 hour preservice training

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Full Continuum & Service for Foster Families & Children

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